Natasha's Bedroom - Escape Clause CEI

The best part of luring guys like u into eating their own cum is the challenge. You want 2 slurp it down so badly, but then the time comes, and you’re suddenly disgusted. You obstinately refuse. You’d do anything 4 an out. 
You’ll have one today, an escape clause that gives u an alternative 2 drinking down that cream, given to u just seconds before the main event. When u do gulp down that thick mouthful of cum, it will be of your own free will. You’ll be making the choice yourself. Although you don’t really have a choice, do you? My slow striptease, prolonged edging instructions, endlessly arousing descriptions of the taste and feel of a big cummy mouthful are impossible 2 resist. If you trip up and get too excited, you might just end up with an accidental load on your tongue. Plus, I have a little trick up my sleeve to make sure u end up swallowing, one way or another…

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Natasha's Bedroom - Escape Clause CEI Jerk off me

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