Natasha's Bedroom - Beginner CEI: Conquering Your Cum Craving Resistance

Ready to eat your cum for the very first time? Or maybe you’re a seasoned cum eater who still finds yourself hesitating before the big moment. Either way, this CEI lesson will train you to develop and deepen your cum addiction. Today is all about sweetly and sensually breaking down your mental barriers to finally give in and eat that yummy, gooey load.The biggest hurdle to your jizz guzzling compulsion is that moment when you finally cum. Suddenly, your repulsion outweighs your hunger, and you just can’t go through with it. So, we’re going to start with one saved load in a shot glass. You’ll be slowly savoring tiny tastes of that load, along with all the precum dripping out of your horny cock, throughout our edging session. As I give you a countdown, once you’re on the very brink, you’ll be downing the rest of that saved load for me.Once my cum countdown reaches zero, you’ll be ejaculating right into that same shot glass. You’ll want to eat it right away, but I’ll make you wait until next time. After all, nothing builds desire like denial. For extra practice, play this clip on a loop.

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