Jenny Blighe - My 1st CEI w Cum Countdown

Custom details are as follows: “Hi Jenny! In this video, I want you to convince me to eat my sperm. I would like this clip to be a close up view of your head/hair/breasts/shoulders area of your body. I love your beautiful face and want you looking me right in the eye while instructing me to eat my cum for you! I want to see your face like you are in front of me… play with your hair. It makes you SO horny when a man eats his cum for you. Cum is delicious, and I will like it. Really show me how much it turns you on to see this & how bad you want it! Give me a countdown from 10. Get excited and instantly turned on when you see A LOT of cum! Tell me to hold my sperm in my mouth… Swirl it around… Savor it… It tastes good, doesn’t it? Ask me to show you my mouthful of cum & tell me what a good boy I am & I can now swallow. Also, I would like you to talk about knowing how much I desire a beautiful redhead like you. Play with your hair and tell me to imagine it falling across my legs as you take my cock in your mouth. If I want to be with you, first I have to show how much I want you by doing something I won’t do for just any woman – eat my sperm. You have such a beautiful face! That’s what I want the camera focused on, Jenny.

MP4 * 488 MB * 00:05:36 * 1280x720

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