Goddess Fiona - Eat Your Cum - It Turns Me On

For old and new cum eaters alike, this vid is for you! I want you to eat your cum for your m.o.m.m.y…. ME! I will give you JOI and instructions on how I want you to eat your cum for me, and you will listen to me! I find it so fucking hott when my subbies eat their cum for their [email protected]’s…. that’s my sense of power and control kicking In ! Plus I’m hott so you have to listen to me! Anyway – eat it for me. I could practically die seeing you sitting on your knees, about to indulge in your taste for none other than your super sexy MILFY [email protected] You also can’t take your eyes off of my perfect luscious plump round titties in my sexy pink pushup bra, can you? No way – you’d give anything to suck on these titties, to worship them. In fact, you just might eat your own CUM for them! If you’re a good boy for me today, maybe I’ll reward you. So try to be good boy and get what good boys deserve. I have faith in you hunny!

MP4 * 1.44 GB * 00:10:10 * 1920x1080

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