Goddess Natalie - Cum ice cubes part 2

2: Last time we played with ice cubes was fun and if you did everything as told, you should now have 2 little ice cubes in your freezer that are half cum, half water. Now be a good little subby and go get that ice cubes tray from the kitchen together with a bowl and a towel, cause I have some surprises for you today. We’re gonna have even more fun with those cubes today, but just cause I like things to be spiced up and mysterious, I won’t tell you the details of what’s gonna happen. You know how I like it – I want you to have no idea what’s gonna happen, and I want you to be that good of a subby that you will simply follow through all of my instructions and do all I say, even when it doesn’t necessarily match your main fetishes, just so you could please me. That’s a good boy 😉 now let’s have some fun!

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