CUSTOM REQUEST Freddy, did you lose at cards against me again today? What an incapable! You really can't concentrate when it comes to playing against me... You loser... Not only you lost like a stupid, but you had to pay to see me in this outfit. This outfit that makes you literally drool.. Oh Freddy, you know what you missed? If you were able to beat me at cards for once, you'd win a custom video where I'd make you eat your own cum...mmm... dirty boys like you love it! But.. what's that stain on your pants? You got horny while I was talking and your dick squirted drops of precum? Clean it immediately, you are ridiculous! Put your hand in your pants and clean it. You know Mistress can't tolerate to see you dirty as a pig. Lick your hand, mmm... yes... Good boy. You like that, don't you? Would you like some more? Freddy, I'm sorry, but you've lost the game, and you've got one chance only to jerk off while worshipping Mistress Aura... So you have to pay again. But I don't wanna tell you how much you're gonna have to pay. It's a surprise. And honestly I was having a lot of fun humiliating you for losing the game and making you lick that loser load / now you could unzip your pants and do it again...so while you cum and you are eating all your sperm, it will be a lot easier to take a large sum of money from you and blackmail-fantasy you!

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