Miss London Lix - Eat It Because You Love Me

An incredibly sensual, incredibly erotic CEI-Love Addiction experience. In this mesmerizing clip, I'm going to finally get you to eat your cum. You can do it for me. Because you can do anything for me, because you love me. And I love you being a good boy for me. Soft background music and delicate visual effects help relax you deeper, so that you can get super hard for me, super obedient, and ready to swallow your cum. I'll ease you in gently, with some cum play and CEI foreplay. If you have an oral fixation you'll love how I lick my lips, suck on my fingers, and play with my spit. Coaxing you gently like a perfect angel, dressed in silk and satin, you have no choice but to obey. You're finally going to eat it, because you love me. You will need one or two cum ice cubes to fully play along.

MP4 * 1.34 GB * 00:16:37 * 1920x1080

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