Goddess Christina – CUM is YUMMY: Beta Mind Wash CEI

Cumming is what you love but there’s certain things betas like you must do once you’ve achieved that orgasm. You know you’re a weak little jerk off. That exploding while worshipping your Goddess is a privilege. It feels so good to blow after I guide you through your stroking. It feels even better when I tell you to swallow your loser load. You feel the humiliation and degradation flow right through you. Total weakness for Me. You know you must eat it when I say. Your cum is YUMMY! You’re a cum eating little bitch for life. You’ll eat load after load for me. Eat that yummy cum slave! I make it feel so good. The act in itself brings you to your knees. You’re my bitch. My slave. You will worship and obey your Goddess Christina like a good boy.

MP4 * 577 MB * 00:12:14 * 1920x1080

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