Goddess Natalie - A special kind of coffee

I know I made you eat your cum in many ways before, but I never got you to do it this way yet! There is always a first time for everything, so today I want to do it like this - you prepare yourself a nice cup of coffee, then you come here and rub it!

You will jerkit off for me all under my instructions, the way I want you to, like a good boy, and you will make some special kind of milk for your coffee! I don't care if you like your coffee with milk or not, but that's how you'll drink it today!

And it won't just be any milk, but your special, hot milk that you'll milk from your balls for your one and only Goddess. So let's see if you are a good boy for me today :) Get naked and ready, and let's begin!

MP4 * 498 MB * 00:08:25 * 1920x1080

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