Prrincess Cherry - Swallow Your Fear CEI - Blackmail-Fantansy

Look at you... so mesmerized by Me laying here comfortably. I guess you could say it’s natural, for a man to admire a woman’s beauty. Haha but you see that’s not the case, you’re not a man! You’re just a beta bitch. So get on your knees, and I suppose you may do what you do best. Stroke that cock with those hands, the only thing you ever get to fuck haha! Feels so good huh, such a tease you could already cum from the sight of these natural, small tits of mine! As I rub them in front of your face, and flaunt this booty with this tight little skirt... did I mention I’m not wearing panties ;) I have so much power over you it’s crazy! Matter of fact what a perfect opportunity to test My power while you’re here weak on your knees! You want to cum right? What if I told you the only way is if you eat your cum!? Haha .. what if I told you, you don’t even have a choice!! Yeah... you’re going to eat that cum, or I’ll exp0se you! I’ll let My follower base know of how much of a paying pig you are, all the humiliating tasks you do for Me! Hahaha there’s no way out of this, just keep stroking to My perfection !

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