Goddess Evelyn - Peeping Roommate CEI

I catch you looking at Me through My bedroom door. I've gotten so tired of your creepy behavior, so I don't hold back on scolding you. You're a disgusting perv! I tell you that this time I am going to report you to our landlord, and I am confident that they'll kick you out. You beg Me not too, and promise to do anything.

I decide to punish you Myself. I tell you that I'll allow you to jerk off to Me, but only if you do everything exactly as I say. You don't fully understand where this is going, but you instantly agree. You start stroking as I start teasing you with My sexy body. You quick begin to get worked up, and feel yourself getting closer to orgasm. I sense this, and decide now is a good time to tell you your punishment. Your punishment is CEI. I want you to swallow your entire load. CEI is what disgusting pervs deserve!

MP4 * 850 MB * 00:14:30 * 1920x1080

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