Goddess Taylor Knight - Blackmailed by the Homecumming Queen

Wow..Such a dream come true!!! The Homecoming Queen asked YOU to be her date for the homecoming..Can you beleive it? I give you my address to have you pick me up...Then I take you to this strange other part of my house for a pre dance dr1nk.. You see the sign "slave quarters" above the sound proof door..But still, nothing will get your mind off of this amazing opportunity ahead.. In this room I Mesmerize you completely.

In your current state, I play an UNTHINKABLE UNSPEAKABALE CRUEL trick on you..

Oh by the way..meet the Home Cumming King LMAO!

And, BY THE WAY, we filmed the entire thing!

Yes we are going to tell everyone....

Or you can pay us...

and then MAYBE we will remain quiet...

But seriously, how can Be sure after this?!

MP4 * 1.78 GB * 00:20:03 * 1920x1080

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