Goddess Christina – Eat it or PAY

Custom for Joe. Joe has bought many cum eating instruction videos but hasn’t actually completed the act. He always cums in his hand and chickens out. I know many of you can relate. You’re intrigued by the idea of swallowing your load on my command but struggle with the task. So I’m going to show you the proper way to actually go through with it. Today is the day you will eat your cum for me. I’ll have you so horny and determined to please me that you can’t say no. It may or may not be messy but either way it’s going down your throat. TODAY! You’re going to become addicted to being my cum eater! To ensure you obey I’ll be be giving you an ultimatum. You’ll eat it and confirm your success or you’ll PAY!

MP4 * 440 MB * 00:14:00 * 1920x1080

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