Goddess Natalie - Mindless Cum Dummy - Addictive Cum Triggers

Look into my eyes little weak boy. Relax and breathe in. I'm going to take you down into trance using a long induction that will open your brain and make it receptive to my words and my triggers. Relax deeper and take your cock in your hand. You're becoming hornier and hornier. I want you to transfer all of the stress from your body and move it all down to your cock. This way we can remove all the stress from you and make it feel pleasurable while you stroke it out through your cock. Your cock is becoming stronger while your mind is becoming weaker. Your brain is turning mushy for me. I'm going to count you down and you are going to enter the deepest, most cock throbbing state of trance you have ever experienced. 3, 2, 1... Deep relaxation...

You're so incredibly horny right now, so weak and so aroused. Look closely at your screen and you'll see that it now appears as if I've left the screen and am right there in front of you. You're so aroused right now that you can't keep your hand from your cock. My image in this red lingerie is turning you on so much. Pump for me. I like it when you stroke for me, because when you get horny, you turn into a little cum dummy. And you want to be a little cum dummy for me, don't you?

Yes, you're a weak boy who wants nothing more than to eat his cum for me. And in this state, I'm going to make that desire grow and grow until you have the impulsive urge to gobble up your own cum. I'm going to turn you into a mindless cum dummy. When you get into this state of arousal, your mind just melts away, and as your cock throbs, the only thing you want is to become a cum slut for me. A dirty little cumslut.

And I'm going to make the sight of cum one of your triggers. Look at on the screen, look at me eating it. You want cum. You need to eat cum. Jerk, stare, and let the triggers do their work. The more you stare at the images, the more you will need to eat your own load. Look at how your cock responds, twitching automatically each time you watch those cum shots. They have a deep effect on your weak horny brain. You're so horny and mindless right now, you can't control yourself. You need to be my cum dummy. When you're horny like you are right now, that's when it's easiest to manipulate your mind and plant my cum triggers deep in your brain. So I want you to stay horny. I want your eyes glued to the screen, completely mesmerized, focused on my words and the cum triggers that will slowly turn you into the cum dummy that I want you to be.

You are a cum slut. Say it to yourself. Over and over again, 'I am a cum slut'. I love when you're horny like this because I can take advantage of you and make you eat it. Your urge to eat cum is growing by the second. You feel it and you know you can't stop it. Cum on the brain. Cum makes you stupid. But you need it, don't you? Keep stroking. You're becoming a cum slut. You just want cum so badly, don't you? Yes, the feeling is becoming overwhelming. You're so horny and when you're horny the only thing you crave it cum. Cum makes you horny. And each time you eat cum,that will only grow your addiction more and more. So you need to eat more so you can crave it more.

Look at the cum on the screen, you can't get enough of it. It's making you so horny. You're so weak, so mindless. You need cum, don't you cum dummy? I'm conditioning you to always eat your cum. And once you eat your cum for me today, this trigger will become permanent and you will always need to eat your cum after you have an orgasm. Now beg me, beg me to let you cum so you can eat it. Tell me how badly you need to eat your own load. Beg me to be my cum dummy forever. Good boy. Now I'm going to count you down, and once you eat that load, you will forever be my cum dummy. Now milk out every drop and lick it all up. Lick up your new addiction.

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