Lindsey Leigh - Cum Eating For Powerful Boots

Seems like you never get enough of eating your own cum, because here you are back for more. You are so easily triggered by me, and thats why I decided to wear these shiny, leather, thigh high, true dom boots. They make you so weak and they put the priceless puppy look on your face of true submission that I love so much. You need to accept how much of a loser cum eater you are, and every day I make you do that puts you further and further into submission. You are owned by Goddess Lindsey and I don't even see you as a man. That "dick" you have is just a cum hose attached to your body, producing loads for you to eat like the bitch you are for me. Now since these boots make you so weak, I think they might be the perfect thing to serve to your load to you on. You'll be lapping that load off these boots and thanking me so much for it LOSER!

MP4 * 193 MB * 00:12:48 * 1920x1080

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