Natashas Bedroom - Goon Into CEI

You’re going to GOON your way into CEI. Hold your hand around your cock. Are you ready to be turned into my little gooning cum eater? Don’t answer, just jerk. Jerk. Jerk. You’ll edge for my shiny body, bare tits and shaking ass, with teasingly slow strokes that leave you aching for more. You’ll drip with excruciatingly fast up and downs that make your dick drool a delicious precum appetizer. You will whimper. You will lick up your precum and then edge out more.

Edge. Drip. Whimper. Drool. Your cock throbbing, your mind blank. Edge. Drip Whimper. Drool. Your balls heavy with cum and your mouth hungry for your load. Edge. Drip. Whimper. Drool…until you’re gooned into oblivion and desperate to swallow every drop.

Look at my body, almost naked. You’re too gooned out to think straight. Every touch of your cock takes you right to the brink. Stare right at my tits and cum, cum, CUM! That huge gooner load shoots out, and you don’t think. You lick up every last drop, but it doesn’t end there….

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