Carly Queen - Cum Thirst

Thirsty ? We both know that I’m not talking about water..come on..I know what you crave..a hot load in your play with, to savor it, to swallow every last drop of it. I’m going to tease you, play with you, make you keep that cum inside your balls until I finally allow you to release it. It’s going to taste so good, it’s going to quench that thirst that you’ve been feeling. You can swallow your cum anytime, but it feels amazing when you do it under my guidance, when you’re doing it for me. So go on, jerk for my face, for my tits and my ass, do it exactly as I say and you’ll get the treat you crave so bad.Either you cum directly in your mouth or you slurp it off your hand you know that cum is the only thing you want in your mouth right now.

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