Adrienne Adora - Two Part CEI for Pantyhose

This is a 2-in-1 clip for pantyhose addicts who think that you will never actually be able to go through with eating your own cum for me! That’s right, I know it’s your secret fantasy to be made to eat your own cum, but as soon as you cum the mood is gone and you just can’t bring yourself to do it! Well here is your solution: a 2-part clip Hustling your biggest weakness for me luscious long legs and ass in sheer pantyhose! First I tease you in sheer black pantyhose, instructing you to jerk for me while holding a glass. I know you can’t resist my sensual teasing and jerk-off encouragement and as soon as I give you the cum countdown you’ll be cumming into that glass! You probably think you’ll just end up throwing it away afterwards anyway, right? No, not this time! Now you have to pause the clip and come back for part 2 once you get your stamina back up. The little ass tease I give you at the end of part one should help with that before you know it your cock is getting hard for me again and you’re aching to see what’s in store for you next. When you see me reappear in my red lingerie, sheer nude hose and black and silver stilettos you will be rock hard and jerking all over again! I’ll tease you even longer and harder with my legs and ass in this sexy new outfit until I have your mind so fucked that you’ll be reaching for that glass and bringing it right up to your lips for me!! This clip will have you so mesmerized by the end that during the 2nd cum countdown you won’t even cum again, but instead you’ll be drinking your own cum!! And you’ll be loving every humiliating minute of it!!

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