Miss Eva Noir - CEI Metronome Challenge

Advanced music lesson. Today you are going to work on my rhythm. You use a metronome app on your phone to set the pace. My task is to keep jerking to the beat for the duration of the entire clip. If I fail to keep jerking to the beat for the entire video or if I pause the video, I have to buy 4 clips from your store. You are in full control of the speed, and during the clip you often vary the speed. This might lead to edging, multiple orgasms, ruined orgasms and post cum torment, depending on how you set the pace and how evil you feel today. Every time I explode, I have to collect my cum in a cup. During the clip, you slowly strip out of your clothes, until you are wearing only a shiny swimsuit (hint: I love the swimsuit from the clip "Loser's sexuality"). Each time you take off 1 piece of clothing, I have to slurp up the contents of the cup. If the cup was empty when you take off a piece of clothing, I have to punch my balls 10 times. I am not allowed to swallow until you give the signal at the end of the clip. Please wear shiny clothing.

MP4 * 1.83 GB * 00:30:44 * 1920x1080

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