Goddess Taylor Knight - Pay to Lick his CUM at my Party CUCK

Your welcome in advance... So you decided to make it to the party after all huh? You do know why we invited you, right?? Word gets around loser. We know you have been dying to be our cuck!! You also secretly wanted to EAT HIS CUM You already know Mistress Taylor is a private person, and would NEVER let you watch her have sex, BUT... I decided to take my Alpha into the bedroom for a bit.. I made him cum super fast while the rest of my Halloween party did not even know we stepped out... You did though! You were peeking behind me door! I tell him to cum all over my pretty toes, and I made sure I milked every drop out for you! Then once he goes back into the party, he tells yo I have a "Gift" for you in the bedroom.. You come in & see I am tired...Hair is a mess, & I am in my state of Euphoria having just become sooo satisfied...But 1 Thing is left out. Your present!! That's right!! A hot & sticky gift!! No be a good boy and clean my toes off really well, and enjoy every second of it.. Because I have a Halloween party to attend to.. Oh..And when you are done, why don't you go to your car and think about what you just did.. Because you my dear, are now my CUM SLAVE!! This time it was $20...each time after, it will be more.. I drain him & you in the same night.... How satisfying!

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