Trish Collins - Before going to work

What’s sexier than doing nasty things in a hurry before leaving home ? I have a kink for those things, so I thought I’d try some roleplay about being the “babe, you’re gonna be late !” girlfriend. You can see little me getting ready in the bathroom, and then going with some foot tease, a footjob with stockings (those are my favorite !) and last but not least the sluttiest blowjob I’ve ever given on camera… don’t ask me why but I felt so confident while recording that one. I’m 100% sure you’ll love it. Footjob + blowjob is the perfect combo. Start your day with some kinky action, and try not to look at the time – your boss won’t mind ! Love. Trish

MP4 * 405 MB * 00:14:05 * 1920x1080

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