Goddess Aria Zahara - 12 Days of CEI, Day 6 Need a Hand

It's so basic but it's truly an advanced maneuver. Cumming in your own hand is one of the most efficient, simple, clean-up saving ways to do it but you must be able to overcome the mindset aspect. Those of you good little cum addicts who can finish cumming and put it to your lips are already well trained little spunk puppets and I'm proud of you. Those who haven't mastered the craft yet still need a hand. At this point, you already know you love to eat it. You love to savor it's warmth, it's saltiness, it's creaminess. Once you are able to complete the hand-to-mouth sufficiently, you can cum anywhere, any time, and leave zero mess behind. You're going to drain every last drop out of those balls today and lick it ALL up. No half assing it or you'll pay the ultimate price.

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