Goddess Christina - Pathetic Pumper CEI Orders

There you are my pathetic little pumper. Back for more just as expected. This lingerie and my sexy body caught your eye once again and weakness fell upon you. You’re now eager to wrap your hand around your pathetic cock and pump it for Me. You know I always make it feel so good. I’m irresistible! I make you crave a taste. A taste of that warm sticky jizz that effortlessly erupts from within those aching balls. You love when I tell you to swallow it down for Me. You feel so naughty. You revel in the fact that you’re my loser. You can’t resist my humiliating orders. You thrive on it! Look at this body slave. Take it in. Every perfect inch and curve. Do what you always do best. Give in and GOON! Worship your Goddess like a good boy.

MP4 * 1.22 GB * 00:16:52 * 1920x1080

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