Amara Noir - Class Cuckold Humiliation

This was a fun custom order: "You are a teacher, and I have the smallest cock in the class, as punishment you lock my tiny cock up in chastity and you have all the other male students jerk off and cum. it can be in a glass, condoms, cookie, plate or bowl. You can make me eat the loads one by one or all at once in front of all my classmates, all the girls will laugh at me and you can call me cum eater, cum slut and what ever other humiliating names you want, after I am done eating all the cum, you peg me in front of the class until I have a sissygasm, laughing and taunting me that as I cum like a girl hands free from being fucked. You then Make me lick my cum up in front of everyone as you all laugh."

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