Christy Berrie - Condom Cum CEI Part 2

Good cum slut, filling up a condom with a heavy load. Did you have to wait a while to jerk off again, or is the cum still nice and warm in the condom? No matter, you've got to put it in your mouth now. Jerking off with cum slipping and sliding around your mouth only intensifies your hard on. Sucking on your cum filled condom for me, jerking off for me like a good boy. Now that you've been obedient, you can fantasize about Me. What do you think about that condom in your mouth? Maybe imagining being my cuck? Or maybe I won't let you cum inside of me so I make you wear a condom and eat it for me. You're a dirty little cum slut, you'll never let cum go to waste! After you've sucked the life out of the condom, you can taste a fresh load!

MP4 * 1.70 GB * 00:12:01 * 1904x1072

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