Goddess Evelyn - CEI Mouthful Challenge

I am in a playful mood today, and I want to challenge you. If you can last the full 5 mins of Me twerking and shaking My ass then you're allowed a regular orgasm. Congrats(to the VERY few). For those of you that are premature ejaculators...this will be almost impossible for you. Watching My big beautiful ass bounce and clap is going to almost be an instant fail for you. But here is the catch- if you cum during the 5 mins you HAVE to eat your cum. No exceptions. HOWEVER, you cannot swallow until the challenge is over. So if you cum 1 min in, you'll have to hold the cum in your mouth for the remaining 4 mins before you're allowed to swallow. Consider it your punishment for being such a fucking premature loser.

MP4 * 511 MB * 00:08:43 * 1920x1080

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