Queen Carmella - Don't Reproduce SWALLOW IT CEI

Your semen is TRASH, which is why it belongs down the chute of your dirty little cum dumpster mouth. It's so polluted with beta loserness, that women don't want to ever reproduce with someone like you. It's why you should save your cum for your own consumption. Who am I kidding though? it's not like anyone really wants to fuck you anyway. It's not like you actually please a woman. So for those that never get sex that are watching this, all you have to do is continue to cum, but from now on, ALWAYS in your mouth. If you do happen to be sexually active, or you desire to be sexually active (because you haven't come to terms with the fact you are forever a beta), then you must learn that your cum ONLY belongs in your mouth. That's right. Get down into that loser position right when you're about to climax with her, and shoot it into your mouth right there! it's only right, loser. and I will reprogram you to do so Save her the grief and swallow it all, always.

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