Mean Cashleigh - Drink His Cum Loads

Oh Cucky, you’ve been tied up in the closet all night while my real man was here. I think you can guess by my loud moans that he fucked me so hard. He made me cum over and over again. He is such a real man… I’m so glad I no longer waste my time lying there while you attempt to pleasure me. You were so completely useless. Wow you really have been in there a long time haven’t you? You must be so hungry cuckold. Well I have a little surprise for you. My man came so many times last night. He filled so many condoms up with his real man cum all ready for your breakfast. You really should thank him. If it wasn’t for his huge many cock you’d have to starve in fact why don’t you give him a call and tell him just how thankful you are for satisfying me in ways you can’t and of course for the protein filled breakfast. Better yet why don’t you say all of that while your mouth is full of his condoms.

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