Natashas Bedroom - Increasingly Degrading CEI Countdowns

All cumsluts owe me *at least* one load swallowed for this clip. But here’s the twist: I'm giving you six cum countdowns today, each ending in a more humiliating act of cum eating than the last. If you’re smart, you’ll eat it for the first countdown. The second countdown will be a level more degrading. If you're dumb, you'll wait until countdown #5, which will make you swallow your seed in an utterly nasty way. And if you're a CEI fuckup who just can't go through with it? Then you're in for countdown #6 -- the punishment round. Fail in rounds 1-5, and you won't have to eat your cum. You're off the hook! Just kidding. You'll have to play with your jizz in a much more fucked up way than a simple gulp and swallow. You earned it! *Note: You can play this CEI game in a few different ways. Easy mode is swallowing just one load for one of my countdowns. Medium mode is waiting for rounds 3, 4, or 5 to eat it. Hard mode? If you dare, go slurp up your semen for each and every round and then savor the cum play degradation of countdown #6.*

MP4 * 1.26 GB * 00:39:13 * 1920x1080

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