Goddess Lindsey - Cum Puppy

The orgasm is not the focal point for you..it is just the precursor to true euphoria. Begging to swallow is more important than your strokes. Earning the taste of your orgasm is all that matters to you. This will never end. This will never get old. Life is just one big loop of cum eating. The taste gets better and better the more you swallow. Feeling is slowly ooze down your throat is the ultimate gratification. you are nothing but a hungry cum eater. One orgasm isn't enough, you'll beg for more. you need more. Focused on My perfect curves and My lips as I tell you to beg louder and LOUDER...it's only a matter of time until you eat it for Me.

MP4 * 1.31 GB * 00:35:19 * 1920x1080

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