Scarlett Belle - Give Yourself A Facial

You're so horny today, it's going to be extremely easy for me to convince you to cum exactly the way I want you to - all over your face! I know you've been curious about self facials.

Today's the day babe, you're going to get into position for me when I tell you to, legs over your head and cock pointed right at your open mouth. Then we just let gravity do the work!

And to make sure you won't back out, I'm going to tease you with my curves, driving you wild and working you up to a huge explosion. I know it's a little humiliating to cum on your own face, but I think that turns you on even more!

Don't you want to please me? All I want is to see your face completely covered in cum! I love having so much power over you, convincing you that you should cum into your open mouth. Taste it for me, show me how much you appreciate me. Get into position and explode!

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