Scarlett Belle - Summer Of Submission Perverts Have To Swallow

I know that a pervert like you is still staring at hot girls at the beach. You're all worked up and ready to blow! I'm going to have to drain you hard today, but let's not forget who's in charge here. I'm going to make you stroke and cum just the way I want you to. And the big load that you milk out today is going right into your mouth!

Tell me all about the filthy fantasies you've had lately. Were you thinking about bending a hot girl over at the pool, pulling her bikini to the side and fucking her hard? I'm going to taunt you with every filthy thought you've had this summer, working you up to the biggest explosion possible.

I know you can't resist cumming hard for me, even knowing that you'll have to swallow every drop! Be my good, obedient pervert and lick your fingers clean.

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