Cruel Girlfriend - The Cum Shot

The girls at gym-class wanna see the cum shot loser - the selfie I'm gonna make you take showing all of us your mouth full of cum. Ew, right? They don't get why a guy would even eat his own cum let alone take a photo to prove he's done it… because eating your own cum is fucking gross, loser. It's so gross and so pathetic. And it's not just eating it that makes you such a fucking loser - it's the way I make you do it too. It's called the loser position for a reason. It's the legs in the air - dick aimed at your face situation that totally reinforces your loser cum-eater status. Like, I was trying to explain to them how you do it and why you do it but they just don't get it - hot popular gym-bunny types like that just don't know rejects like you exist - they're into real men - the type of guys that most definitely don't jizz in their own faces. They ignore wimps like you - but now I've told them about what I make you do - they totally wanna see it!

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