Rebelle Hart - Cum All Over Your Face To Your Ex GF - You Will Never Recover From This

Hey you fucking pervert reject. Remember when you used to have a girlfriend? Way back when before your porn addiction really took over. LOL! Remember how you used to fuck her? Or at least you thought you were fucking her lol. Your little dicklette is so tiny I'm sure she barely felt it. So she dumped you obviously. So now instead of sticking your little dick inside your girlfriend, you get to jerk off to a picture of her LOL! That's right, I want you to pull up a hot picture of your ex. Did you get if off of her instagram or facebook where you can see how fabulous her life is after she left you? LOL! Or maybe it's an old one from when you were together that you still obsess over.

Either way it doesn't matter, you're just at home alone jerking off to a picture of your ex girlfriend. LOL! Just pumping away to a girl you no longer have. Right now she's probably getting fucked by a guy with a huge dick lol! A real man who knows how to handle her, unlike you. So while you're alone watching porn and gooning to your ex girlfriend, she's living her best life with another man who can actually make her cum. She faked all of her orgasms with you loser lol. She found a real man to satisfy her, not some loser beta porn addict.

You must feel so stupid stroking your lonely horny dick, thinking about your ex girlfriend getting railed by a huge hard cock. God you're pathetic. Getting turned on by such humiliating thoughts. But you need to be degraded even further by me. I'm going to make you cum in the most humiliating way. You're going to be covered in your own cum when you cum to your ex lol. Because women aren't for you anymore. Your whole life is gooning to porn and being humiliated. You don't get pussy anymore, you just get your palm. You must feel so stupid right now, jerking off to your ex getting fucked while you think about how I'm going to make you cum all over yourself. It's going to be sooo humiliating lol!

Masturbation is your life now, porn is your life now, and once I humiliate you like this, you're never going to recover. You're never going to be able to cum like a normal man ever again. Keep gooning while you stare a picture of your ex, your ex who didn't want you. It's pathetic how turned on that makes you. I want you to thank me, thank me for turning you into a loser porn addict who can only cum to pictures of his ex girlfriend lol. I want you to thank me out loud, it's going to make you so hard and horny when you say the words out loud.

I have something repulsive planned for you, something impossible to come back from. You're going to cum in the loser position, with your legs over your head and your cock pointed at your face. I want you in that position now as you jerk to me and your ex. Jerk that little cock in your face, loser. If your ex was watching right now she would be so repulsed and disgusted. And that's turning you on even more. Just imagine her walking in right now and seeing how pathetic you've become. She'd laugh at what a repulsive little freak you are. Get close to the edge loser, you're going to cum all over your face and you will never ever even think about getting a girl ever again. I mean how could you, you disgusting little cum rag. When you do this, it's fucking game over!

Keep jerking into your own face while you stare a picture of your ex. You must feel so stupid. Jerk to the girl that left you. Can you blame her? Look where you are, look at yourself. Who wouldn't leave you, you fucking loser?! Are you ready to cover yourself in cum? Are you ready to destroy yourself? You will never be with a woman ever again. Stare at her because you're going to cum on your face for her. All over your face for your ex, you repulsive little freak. Cum! Cum all over your face! Fucking cover yourself with your own jizz LOL! How does it feel being drenched in your own cum, knowing you just did it as you jerked off to pictures of your ex girlfriend? Do you feel like a man? You never will ever again. Real men don't do this, and men like you never recover from it. You're all alone and you always will be, you disgusting repulsive reject.

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