Madam Violet - Crave It Do It

Mental manipulation, physical seduction, imbedded commands, SNAPS, smirks and wicked encouragement…you will cum into your mouth for Me.

You won’t let yourself accept it, but you keep getting HARD and thinking about it. About how it feels, how it makes you feel… but you hold back, judging your desires and the potential implications . And yet here you are with another boner, aching to be MADE to eat your cum, I’ll oblige bitch!

Once you’re mesmerised it’s easier, it’s natural, it’s a privilege. Once you DROP down into My grip. Once you’ve seen My ass, watched My juicy tits, felt yourself twitch it’s inevitable. You will OBEY, you will CUM straight into your mouth for Me.

I make you want it, make you need to be My goooood boy, take you to the edge and SNAP you into a tasty, filthy CUM explosion.

This time you will do it, easily, EAGERLY, it’s what I WANT and it’s what you NEED.

MP4 * 407 MB * 00:19:06 * 1920x1080

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