Sara Saint - Queen Wants to Play 3 Cuckold

I keep using you as my sex toy. Keeping you in chastity between your visits to me. I am the source of your biggest arousal. But I will never touch your dick, never lick it or suck it. I do it with alpha men only. I do with them all the naughty things you can I let dream of having with me. Why I just don't show you what you are missing out.

I will invite one of my alpha man here, so I can demonstrate you how a real dick should look like, not like your shrimp! Watch me blowing him, keeping him hard and on the edge. Listen all what I love to do to him, and not to you.

All of this turns you on so much. You've been denied for so long, you wanna explode. To see me sucking him is so Intense, you wanna taste him too. Why don't you watch me making him cum in my mouth. Then as a good boy you will drink it all by kissing me and only that way I will allow you to cum. FullHD Includes soft background music.

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