Goddexx Daphne - Eat Cum for Your Ex GF!

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“You are my ex GF, and you dumped me a while ago as I was just a submissive weak sub, who could not satisfy you at all. You left for real men, but before you dumped me, you locked me in chastity and already started sissifying me by making me wear panties on a regular basis.

Today is my big day. You allow me to crawl back to you to entertain you. You tease me by slowly undressing to show extremely sexy lingerie that you bought with my money. I am allowed to unlock my cage but not allowed to touch at all, while you continue to tease me.

To drive me crazy, you use a bit of oil and put it on your divine body, and also on your gorgeous ass. I start begging you to kiss your ass which is so out of reach for me. You think that it’s cute and funny that I beg to kiss your ass after you dumped me and rejected me, and locked me up, and are enjoying your life with real men.

You allow me to lick your ass, which you have oiled up.

Then we are almost done, but you still want to be entertained a bit by how pathetic I am. You ask if I want to come, and I should beg for it. You make me beg for it.

Since I was a good boy and followed all your instructions and also did not touch myself at all, you agree to let me cum.

You ask me to throw my legs above my head, and point my dick at my mouth and shoot directly into my mouth while I also yell your name and "I love You Goddess" chants. You smile and ask me to get locked up again, but you will not touch me at all. You enjoy the relationship as it is now, and will let me know when you want to see me again, at your desired timing.”

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