ClaraDomme - The cum guzzler

I will save up 24 loads and have them all ready for nastiness and fun when the scene begins! At first you make me slip on nylons and get ready to be your bitch. Ill need some "props". A dildo squirter; a condom; a plate; a vibrator so you make me also pound my ass; and several glasses.-----You order me to split up those nasty loads: 10 in the squirter; the rest split up into two big glasses). For the first 1/3 of the scene, you just tell me I am your 100% loyal bitch, Im to do ALL that you order. You make me slowly deep throat that dong and blast all of those loads in my mouth and over my face. You tell me NOT to swallow though, oh have me work up the loads into a spit/cum froth and then spit it all back into one of the glasses. ---for the last 2/3 of the scene, you just make me a remarkably wild and slutty cumwhore. Pouring shots of cum from the glass, loading up a condom, slurping slurping loads off the dong, pouring some down a funnel, swallowing and snowballing the entire time.---you can make me do WHATEVER degrading and nasty thing you'd like! Maybe pouring a bunch in my mouth and having me just keep it in there and swishing for 2 or 3 minutes straight! ---OH! At another point you make me take a giant sip, also hold it for a while, and then slowly dribble out those loads into other waiting glasses....with a few minutes to go, you order me stroke while lapping up whatever is remaining in the glasses, etc. In the end you order me to slurp up a fresh load

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