Goddess Paige - A Christmas Miracle Your First Time CEI

Tonight, you’re going to eat your cum for Me. It’ll be a real Christmas miracle! You won’t be able to stop yourself, not with Me pulling your strings. My beautiful brat body, clad in sexy, lacy lingerie, will have your cock hard and aching. My voice, so sweet and powerful, will guide you through every stroke. With your hand wrapped around your cock and My beauty before you, you are going to stroke yourself stupid. Nothing else exists but us. There is only the pleasure I give you, the pleasure of jerking off to My gorgeous perfection. The pleasure of obeying every command I give – even when you don’t want too. Even when I tell you to consume every single drop of that hot, salty cum! You’re going to do it for Me, because you know it shall amuse Me. You know it shall entertain Me, watching you take your very first steps down the path of being a greedy little cumslut.
Please note: You will need a fresh load of cum and two cookies to play along with this clip.

MP4 * 475 MB * 00:14:13 * 1920x1080

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