Carlie - Girlfriend Gives CEI

You know we've been dating for a while now and I really like you. But there is one thing...I know you're always eager to know more about what turns me on. And I know you're very open to trying new things. So I was thinking that I want to watch you jerk off. I could encourage you a little bit, it will be fun. It's not just that though there is something else I really want. I love to watch a man eat his own cum for me. Will you do that for me? Jerk off for me, cum into a glass, and then drink? C'mon you know you want to. You expect me to taste your cum why wouldn't you do it? C'mon just take your pants off. You want to be with me don't you? You HAVE to if you want to be with me. Do it or I'll never taste your cum again. I'll talk dirty to you along the way and help you cum and then you're going to drink it all down for me.

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