Princess Mia - Slurp Up Your Load While You Beg To Eat My Alpha’s Cum

I'm only here to remind you of what you already know, that you're nothing but a worthless little beta cuck. And you know this because you know that you don't get to fuck hot girls like me. No, all you get to do is beg to lick up alpha's cum after he fucks me. That's all that you're worthy of. Only real men with huge cocks get to fuck me and fill me up with their huge loads. And I fucking love it. But I also love rubbing it in your face that it's never going to be you. You're nothing but a beta cuck loser with a tiny little dick that can't do anything for me. The only thing you're worthy of is cleaning up my man's cum but only if you prove to me how desperate you are to be my cuck.

You see you have to prove that you're even good enough to be my cuck. There are so many of you who are so desperate to be my cuck that you have to compete just be my cum cleaning cuck. Because you're not a real man, real men do not jerk off thinking about being my cuck, but you do, you can't stop jerking your cock thinking about being my clean up cuck. The only time you'll get near my pussy is when I'm making you clean up my alpha's cum after he fucks me in front of you and we both laugh in your face!

Look at how hard your cock is at just the thought of being my clean up bitch. That right there tells you all you need to know about yourself. And you even have to earn your place as my cum licking cuck. That's so pathetic. I only want the most devoted cum eating slut to be my cuckold. I want you to edge that mini dick because I'm going to make you eat up your own load to prove to me that you're worthy of being my cuck. You know that little dick of yours is worthless, that's why you spend all your time jerking it. You jerk it knowing that you'll never fuck a hot young brat like me, you jerk knowing that eating up my man's cum is the best sexual experience you can hope for.

This is your reality, this isn't some fantasy. This is what you want, this is what you crave. You want to be my beta cuck who begs my man to lick up his cum. Keep stroking your little dick for me beta. You'll never be worthy of my hot young body so you've accepted your place as my little dick cuckold. You jerk to the thought every night, why keep it just a fantasy when you could actually live as my locked up clean up cuck? This is who you were born to be. It's all you can think about. You wanna be cucked so badly that you're even willing to pay just for the privilege of watching me fuck and being able to lick up alpha's cum while you jerk your little cock and we both laugh at you.

You know this is where you belong, you belong being my denied little cuck, begging to eat my man's load out of my pussy. I know you have a lot of practice eating cum, it's what makes you the perfect candidate. And you know I love fucking alpha cock and spending my cuckold's money. That's so hot, isn't it? I also know how desperate you are for his cum. I know that makes your little dick so hard. You wish you could be on your knees begging to eat his cum. I know you're going to cum so hard to this and then you're going to eat up every last drop of your load, you're going to prove to me how desperate you are to be my cuck. You have to get used to eating cum if you want to be my clean up cuck.

I know how much you crave your disgusting load in your mouth. I know you want to prove yourself worthy. So keep edging for Princess. Bring yourself to the edge loser and cum for me cuckold. Cum on the floor or in your hand, it doesn't matter, just make sure you lick it all up. Look at me as you lick it up. I want to see the desperation in your eyes. I want to see you begging me with your eyes to eat my man's cum. This is what cucks do, cucks eat cum. Slurp it all up. Next time it will be alpha cum that you'll be eating.

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