Miss Honey Barefeet - Repulsive Cum Junkie Cum Eating Freak

You are such a cum eating freak! You know you're not normal, right? Only freaks eat their own cum. Normal men eat pussy, freaks like you eat cum. You're so disgusting. You are a repulsive cum junkie. You are so nasty and disgusting but you don't care, do you? All you care about are mouths full of cum. You just love the taste of cum, it's so tempting to you, you crave it more and more. You're so addicted to eating your own cum, aren't you? Yes, when you're a fucking loser living a sexless existence of chronic masturbation, you realize that the only thing that gets you off is. And you've become such a junkie that eating your own cum is the only way you can cum now.

A real man gets turned on by women, you my little freak, you get turned on by thoughts of eating your own cum. That's so fucked up! You do realize that, right? You are a such a cum freak that the only thing that turns you on is when I tell you to eat your own cum. You love eating your own cum. You're a fucking jizz junkie lol. Only freaks like you progress so quickly into becoming such addicted little cum sluts. But you're more than just a cum slut, you're an addicted cum whore. You're such a cum junkie that all you care about is cum. You don't jerk off thinking about pussy, no not you, you think about building up a big load of cum so you can eat it all. You're such a fucking cum freak, you can't help it.

You have to jerk and eat your cum, you can't stop thinking about it, you can't stop doing it. It's so easy for me to get a freak like you to eat his own cum. I don't even have to try because you want it so fucking badly lol. And you're addicted to mean bratty girls like me who remind you of what you are and what you deserve, a mouth full of your own spunk. And that's why you're going to eat your own cum for me. You're a little dirty, needy, hungry cum slut. Pump that cock freak, pump it so you can eat it like the freak that you are. This is where you belong, all alone with your hand glued to your cock, jerking away furiously, building up that load knowing you're going to eat it all up for me.

Your only fucking job when you cum is to lick up all the cum like a nasty freak. You fucking love it. You want to swallow every drop of your own cum. I'll bet you love jerking with your legs over your head so you can shoot it straight into your mouth like a true cum whore. And that's exactly what I want you to do. Get in the position and pump that cock in your face. I know that turns you on so much. You must look so ridiculous like that. You're such a cum freak, a cum eating loser. You're so addicted to eating your own load, you fucking freak! Now I want you to thank me, say, 'Thank you Miss Honey for making me eat it. I'm such a nasty little cum eating freak.' LOL good boy. Look at you, you're so disgusting. Cum on your face, cum in your mouth, cum dripping all over you! Eww you're so fucking gross! Just admit you're addicted to eating your own cum. You're my nasty little cum eating freak lol!

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