Goddess Allexandra - Breaking You

Please note: This clip contains harsh psychological.

You have been my slave for a while. I still remember when you first approached me. You sent me lot of tributes, without me even telling you to. , you begged me to humiliate you. You wanted to be broken.

You purchased custom after custom, and the nastiness got more and more intense. This time, I break you down psychologically, using your own behavior toyze you. I literally use everything against you.

Throughout the clip you try desperately to get my attention, just hoping I look at you. I only reward you with my gaze when I feel it necessary.

You are told to get naked, and kneel on the floor. You get the view from below, looking up at my stretched out legs, and heels.

I talk about the real men, in my life. I compare them to yourself. You didn't realize how much you make my skin crawl.

I can see that your pathetic cock is hard. You can cum, but only on my terms. It must be on the floor, and you must clean it up with your tongue.

Add One because I Deserve it.

Be my Good Boy.

MP4 * 1.45 GB * 00:19:24 * 1920x1080

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