Diana Knight has evil instructions for you

Mature Mistress Diana Knight knows all the right words to get a guy ready for a JOI. This busty woman loves telling her man how to play with his prick.
You say that you want to please me. Well, let’s see what you got. Since you love to touch yourself so much take out your cock and get it hard. You are going to put a show for me. I am going to tell you what to do and if you do a good job, I will let you cum. You are going to start by stroking it very slowly, up and down. Make sure to squeeze the head when you get to the top.
Take your hand, go around and put your finger up your ass. You will do anything I tell you to, won’t you? Keep playing with yourself very slowly. Let’s see if you can make it bigger. Pick up the pace. Now at this moment you may tell me what you would like to do with your prick. Cum for me, do it all over the floor. Tell me how hard you are going to cum hard for your mistress. Now get on your knees and lick it up!

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