Natasha's Bedroom - Anal Cumslut CEI

I'm going to give you a BIG treat today. It's a buttfucking, cum eating marathon of depravity. Your ass will be teased, stretched, and pounded as you edge your cock again and again. With your prostate stimulated and your cock stroked endlessly, there's no question that you'll work up a HUGE LOAD of CUM for me. Not to mention all the precum I'll make you lick up as you play with your backdoor. You'll edge and fuck up a frothy mouthful of fresh cum, and then...

You'll swallow it for me. You won't be able to say no that a cummy treat after being such a total buttfucker for me. You'll slurp it down with a dildo still in your ass, like a good CUMSLUT BUTTSLUT.

It's as simple as a quick big gulp, right? Hmm...maybe. But then again, I might just have some devious plans for your cum and your ass before you swallow it down. You're so easy to take advantage of when you have your butthole filled and cum bubbling on your tongue, and who am I to resist?

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