Gala IWC - Eat your cum for me CEI

*Custom video, I say a specific name a lot throughout, and I keep the ass up position all throughout :)* I'm so horny, and I try to (hopefully successfully lol) get you horny by showing you my ass. You get so hard, so I encourage you to jerk off for me. I've been thinking about your tasty cum all day. Thinking about when I suck your cock and swallow your thick cum load. You know I loooove the taste of your creamy cum. So now I want you to stroke your cock, and enjoy the taste of a creamy cum load for me. I ask you to get your legs flipped over your head and to jerk off into your mouth so when it's time to cum you cum into your mouth directly. I talk to you about creamy sweet salty hot cum. I tell you I love it when you're my cumslut. I love you so much. I want your balls to explode in your mouth, so I give you a countdown from 10, and ask you to cum in your mouth and swallow. Did you like that hot creamy tasty load in your mouth?

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