Miss Alisandra - My Good Boy Behind Her Back Censored

I love how obsessed you are with me! You even have a girlfriend, but you just can't stay away from me. You keep coming back to my seductive voice and deep cleavage behind her back, knowing that I will just make you weaker and even more addicted. It's just that I am so much better than her - my boobs are so much bigger and juicier, and I make you feel all the ways that she can never make you feel. Why don't you stroke for me just this once huh? She doesn't have to know. It will be our secret. You do want to be my good boy, don't you? I promise I'll make you forget all about her. You'll be completely wrapped around my pretty finger, addicted to my big tits, worshiping them like the addict you are. You'll pump for me, eager to drain your balls for me instead of her, because it's all about me know. I'll slowly turn you into my good boy who does anything for me and gives me anything I want. She can never get you this weak, only I have this power over you! You crave my boobs so much more than hers! You want to lick them more than anything in the world! And guess what, I’ll actually let you lick them, but you'll have to be a good boy and cover them with your cum first. Then you'll be allowed to clean it all up and lick my perfect tits you love so much, like the good boy you are!

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