Scarlett Belle - Commit To The Loser Position

The best way to make you swallow your cum is to make you cum in the loser position. But sometimes, you still manage to back out at the last minute! You deny yourself the true satisfaction of an intense, humiliating release and directly disobey me in the process.

You'll cum so much harder if you actually commit to cumming in the loser position. Just think about how much more satisfying it will be if you're a good boy and give me what I want - complete obedience with a hefty dose of.

I'm going to make you practice stroking in the loser position, and then tease you to the point that you're desperate to cum. If you want to experience that full, intense release today you know what to do! Ass up and legs over your shoulders, darling. It's time to commit to the loser position.

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