Kaitlin Grey, Emma Green - Slurp It All Up

Can you handle the humiliation of eating your own cum in front of two hot Goddess' huh? You crave that group humiliation, you ache to show us just what a true cum hungry loser you really are.

Stroke as we tease you with what is so out of your reach, laughing and ridiculing your pathetic ass makes your dick throb and you jerk like a little bitch. With each stroke nearing you to such a horrible, humiliating ending it makes you happy and our stomach turn with disgust. By gaining our attention through such a vile, rancid act feels you with joy and self-worth. That really is how fucked up your deluded, weird mind is.

You are a loser and the only way for you to cum is to eat it, every single drop, to savour the taste of your own cum and feel riddled with shame and guilt all whilst we laugh and mock the joke that you are. Are you ready to stroke loser and eat it up and feel like a piece of as the hot girls you adore laugh and pity you.

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