Miss Madison Stone - Cum Eater For Bikini Tease

You’re a jerk off junkie for hot girls in micro bikinis. Knowing you crave almost naked women who are out of your league and you regularly stroke to them it time you do something in return. In return for jerking off to my perfect body and big tits which are practically falling out of my micro bikini I want you to eat your cum. I will show you exactly how I want you to be a cum guzzler. First you will edge yourself, getting harder and harder as I tease you then I will convince you that the only way for you to have an orgasm is to eat your jizz. You will first try legs against a wall, lifting up your ass and aim for your mouth, if you are flexible you will go for my favorite position…… Legs overhead, way back and spread open. This is the best position to squirt every drop of your cum in your mouth. Just open wide and swallow all that nasty cum down your throat. After I’m done with you I know you will become my addicted cum eater!

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Miss Madison Stone - Cum Eater For Bikini Tease Jerk off me

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